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Canada has been consistently viewed as a desirable destination for prospective immigrants. However, the immigration process in Canada is very complex and constantly-evolving. Therefore, it can be very burdensome to prospective clients to navigate immigration rules on their own. As a result, hiring an experienced immigration lawyer who can assist you and can provide support through every step of your immigration journey, from commencing your application to interviews and court hearings, is absolutely vital.

At Ahmari Law Firm, our staff lawyer has the skills, knowledge, and the required experience to ensure that your immigration case, from determining which immigration avenue is right for you, completing and filing your application and preparing you for interviews, will proceed as smoothly as possible.
Areas of Service:

    o Economic Class

  • Skilled Workers
  •  Investor Class
  •  Entrepreneur Class
  •  Self Employed
  •  Caregivers

     o Family Sponsorship

  •  Hearing Level
  •  Appeal Level

     o Temporary Visa

  •  Visitor Visa
  •  Student Visa
  •  Work Permit
  •  Super Visa

     o Foreign Divorce Opinions



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